The Trip

Starting in Atlantic City, NY and traveling West along US 30 to Astoria, OR. Then down the coast from Oregon to just north of LA and left across the high desert to Las Vegas.  Out of Vegas and across Arizona to New Mexico and documenting what is left of US 66.  Out of Albuquerque to Texas and from back to Ohio for a short stop.  Then across US RT 30 back to Atlantic City to go south thru Delaware on to Virginia and US RT 17 thru NC and SC to Charleston, SC.

In all, there will be about 24 to 25 states along this journey and close to 7,000 miles traveled.

Each evening all video and stills ingested and depending on Internet connection, some posting.

Hopefully a log of  distance, towns and other stats will be posted along with other interesting facts.

See you on the road…

Crater Rd, AZ

Crater Rd, AZ

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