Beginning of the End

A Happy New Year to All and a big thank you to everyone that was a part of the project.

As this year comes to an end so does the principal photography of this project. Now the hard part starts as the editing of all the images and video must be done.

Only a few days were posted as the time for shooting was more important than trying to post everyday. So the month of January will be a month for posting. Also lots and lots of video to edit. I filmed bridges when I had a chance: Benjamin Franklin Bridge/Philadelphia, Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnels, Arthur Ravene Bridge/Charleston, SC, Golden Gate, Edmund Pettus Bridge/Selma, AL and more. Lots of computer time for this and other drive time around the US.

And then there are the moments that people took to stop and talk in front of the camera. Lots of people and their thoughts and feelings. This will be fun – must keep saying that…

Off to photograph thru 3 New Years till midnight on the West Coast. Party hardy all and put this year to bed.


About Ed Zirkle

Photojournalist and mostly nice guy...
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