Sept 2 Dreaming

I’m in Iowa and trying to stay as close to US Rt 30 on my way to the west coast.  I call my Brother Matt and as we are talking about the trip and how thing are going he figures out that his favorite movie Field of Dreams isn’t that far from me.  Actually about 1/2 a days worth of  travel, but what are brothers for if not to talk them into something.

So a couple of images on the way up to the Field of Dreams and when I get there they are filming a commercial for MLB for the playoffs. I’ve set a link to see all 3 ads posted on USA Today.  I was asked to not post anything until the ads had run.  The Aussie women’s  baseball players were there act as stand-ins for the shoot? Never got the entire story on them.

Here is a link to the videos at USA Today

Some images from the day, more photos here.

Mrs. Jackson watching dancers. Field of DreamsField of Dreams Field of DreamsEdZirkle_20130902_EZ3_2820 Stitch

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