Bad Day and great people

Got to Old Town in Albuquerque today and it was a grand time. Now I should disclose that I lived in NM years ago and have been thru off and on, just love the state and might have spent a little extra time here.

Spent some time with Debbie Ball, The Candy Lady, couple of great interviews and got to roam the shop and we had a bit of fun. Left with some goodies, thank you Debbie! See images below.

The rest of the day was in the Old Town area. Spoke to some of the people selling around the square, visited a store that sold original Indian art work, had a bit to eat and generally took in the atmosphere.

If you have never seen black on black pottery of Maria Martinez you should treat yourself to her art. I was introduced back in the 60’s when Mom bought a small piece. So over the years I’ve come to understand the work involved and the uniqueness of her and other pottery artist. A visit to San Ildefonso is a great education into the artistry of the American Indian and history that we should all know. If you are in the area take a moment to visit.

Mata Ortiz  pottery, or Casas Grandes is another to look into if you like handmade craft.

Off to the Sandi Mountains, Santa Rosa, Tucumcari and Clovis, NM. Part of RT 66 and SantaFe railroad. Then Texas and Arkansas and looking forward to some Southern cooking.


This shop is great, lots of everything to sugar up on.


Some notes on the wall from the show and candy shop connection.

WP_20131022_12_29_58_Pro WP_20131022_12_30_20_Pro WP_20131022_12_30_47_Pro

Make it, bag it, tag it.


Steve makes a mean Pez dispenser. Each is hand done, collector items, really!




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