Oct 18 – Moonscapes

“I suddenly realized that I knew the luminance of the moon—250 cd/ft2″  Ansel Adams  November 1, 1941

The moon has been spectacular lately. Very clean, clear sky and the moon in just the right spot, but then could it been in the wrong spot. Something about the laws of physics and gravity.

Tomorrow is a Hunter’s Moon and I’m hoping for just one more great evening sky. I should be in Albuquerque and will need to find somewhere away from the Sandia Mountain to the East.

Happy hunting.

EdZirkle_20131017_EZ2_7989  EdZirkle_20131017_EZ2_7994

Above – off Interstate 40 before Williams, AZ

Below – Moon rise over Rt 66 near Seligman, AZ

EdZirkle_20131017_EZ2_7983   EdZirkle_20131017_EZ2_7977     EdZirkle_20131017_EZ2_7978

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