Oct 16 Hoover Dam

Went to the Hoover Dam, aka Boulder Dam, today. Even though Feds are shut down and the dam is run by the Bureau of Reclamation it was a busy place. Last couple of days I’ve had contact with Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, National Parks and another government ranger. Lots of people working for being shutdown.

Here are some images from today.

EdZirkle_20131016_DSC_7653 Stitch  EdZirkle_20131016_DSC_7633 Stitch  EdZirkle_20131016_EZ2_7892 Stitch

The first 2 panos are from the dam area, the last is from Lake Mead. I had to ‘trespass’ to get the last image. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is run by National Parks Rangers and the ‘parks’ are closed. :-]  The ranger was nice enough to give me a couple of minutes to get the shot across the lake as the sun set.


Just an idea of size and scope of the dam.

EdZirkle_20131016_DSC_7706 EdZirkle_20131016_EZ2_7836

Setting sun provided some interesting images. Lots and lots of power lines in the area. The dam supplies power to Nevada, Arizona and California to include LA.


So there are signs in the area warning of the possibility of mountain goats in the area, like the deer signs back east. And yes they are in the area.

EdZirkle_20131016_EZ2_7877 EdZirkle_20131016_EZ2_7865EdZirkle_20131016_EZ2_7862

The last couple of days the moon rise has been very good.


Soft light over Lake Mead as the rocks reflect over the water. Look closely at the bottom of the picture and see the boats. Gives an idea of the size of the lake in that area.

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