Aug 29 – Wilson footballs and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

August 29th I visited the Wilson football manufacturing plant in Ada, OH.

I was lucky enough to have the plant manager give me a tour and education on how to make a football. They construct all the footballs for the NFL and most of the colleges. I’m looking forward to getting an OSU football.

Interesting note – while I was there they were making the NFL game balls for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here is a trivia answer for you sports fans.  All authentic Wilson footballs have W’s stamped into the leather. Gotta look close, it’s really small.  See the leather photo and close-up.

Kinda cool to see something made and then used. More on Wilson and Aug 29th later.

EdZirkle_20130829_EZ3_1873nx-web   EdZirkle_20130829_EZ3_1873nx-crop

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Image00022 Image00017 Image00018 Image00019 Image00020

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